Gestion de projet digital
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Gestion de projet digital

35 ans —  Paris
(Mobile en france)

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Dear Sir, Dear Madam,


After six years financial project management experience, I have launched my own start-up – Bon Voyage, a one-stop shop travel application. Following successful project development this is now entering its testing phase.


To fund the further development of my start-up and to help me meet my daily living costs I am presently looking for any part-time and/or freelance position – I am extremely flexible on availability.


As a result of my Masters in Finance & Accounting and work experience (see attached CV), my core competencies include:


  • An extensive digital skillset
  • Project management and oversight
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Multi-sector expertise
  • A national and international perspective, in France, Europe and beyond


Whilst, in recent years, I have specialized in Financial project management, I would welcome any opportunity which matches my professional and personal qualities with your present or future needs. I am highly adaptable to the demands of any employer.


I will, of course, be pleased to provide any further information which might assist a positive consideration of my application.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your faithfully,


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35 ans


Gestion de projet digital

Gestion de projet digital




Dernière expérience


Bon Voyage
Start-up - CEO

Founder of Bon Voyage, a start-up enterprise developing a one-stop travel application.

  • Product development (algorithm & data partnership) completed
  • Testing phase underway
  • Initial funding secured



2005     Normandy Business School Caen, France; & South-Korea - Master in Finance and Accounting

2005     Baccalauréat (Equivalent to A' Levels)

2014     Project Management Institute - Professional certification



Français : Bilingue ou langue maternelle

Anglais : Courant

Allemand : Moyen