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Thomas Pernet : Data Scientist
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Data Scientist

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Paris — 28ans

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28 ans


Data Scientist

Thomas Pernet

Expériences professionnelles


Co - Founder

Pintu-data - Shanghai, http://www.pintudata.com

Co-Founder | Jul 2016 – Present

The writer of the textbook Introduction to R for data analysis: https://bookdown.org/thomas_pernet/book_R/

Currently writing a tutorial on Machine learning with TensorFlow

Case 1: Volatility Forecasting with GARCH family model

Use GARCH model to convert the market index FCHI into a robust volatility forecast

Use Markov-Switching GARCH model to improve performances in a market with structural break

Case 2: Predict the best time to post on Weibo (Chinese Tweeter)

Use Hurdle negative binomial model: Perform well with an excess of zeroes

Use Latent Class analysis to clusters the users and feed the model

Case 3 issue: Lack of data to optimize markup for a kitchen fitter company

Provided technical leadership for the creation of a tailor-made file with Access:

Develops Model Break Even Point to get a real-time pricing

in several economic markets

Architects and implements traceability of customer cost estimation to effective sales

Generates automatic monthly reporting

Result: + 10% margin after one year

Other projects

Leads initiative to build statistical model customer repeat rate and CLV using Pareto/NBD model

Model theme park demand using Generalized Bass Model with various Machine Learning tools

Statistical analysis for a product launch survey: Chi test, confidence interval, ANOVA

Blogging about Machine learning and Artificial Neural Network

Build a Neural Network from Scratch

AI with TensorFlow

Build Pipeline and Perform Grid Search with Scikit-learn

How to Scrap Data with Selenium




CEPII (Centre d'etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales)
Research Intern

Research project on Chinese VAT rebates and firms export performance (Director: S. Poncet) I

Prepared data on export-quantity database HS-8 product level: intensive and extensive margin

Evaluated the effect of VAT rebate on the probability to export with a conditional logit model
Collected and organized economic data for reports, meetings and policies reference




2018     Paris 1-Fudan University - Ph.D. international trade and statistics

2014     Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - Master Recherche en économie internationale



Français : Bilingue ou langue maternelle

Anglais : Courant

Chinois : Bon niveau