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Thomas Pernet : Data Scientist
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Data Scientist

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29 ans —  Paris

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29 ans


Data Scientist

Thomas Pernet

Expériences professionnelles


Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne-Fudan University - Paris & Shanghai

Août 2014 - Mars 2019

Field of studies: Econometrics, Foreign Direct Investment, Export, and Quality, the Chinese economy

- Topic: “Pollution in China, How Spillover Effect Impact Quality Upgrading”
- Topic: “Promoting Upgrading: The Role of Governmental Interventions in China”
- Topic: “The Role of the VAT Rebate on the Process of Quality Upgrading, Evidence from China”
- Update knowledge about the topic: literature review
- ASCIF Database, BACI database & Chine customs Database
- Summary statistic & clean up data (R language)
- Build up metrics for analysis
- Design a model to extract important features
- Write papers with Markdown
- Building up a library to automatize most of a research analysis process (data abnormalities, statistical test, non-linearity) with Python




Critical Future - Paris (75000)

Juin 2018 - Jan 2019

Part-time consultancy work for national and international firms requiring data science, machine learning to advance their performance.

- Research assistant for a book that aims to bring readers up to speed on AI, and demonstrate how to work with AI
- Policy Evaluation: Evaluation of staircasing effect on the probability to acquire the full right of ownership on the property.
- Statistical analysis for a policy design: Chi test, ANOVA, Logistic Regression




Findit-Consulting - Paris (75000)

Août 2018 - Déc 2018

Asset Management, Python developer - Financial engineer

- Translated VBA codes to Python for Financial Structured Products (Black-Scholes, Heston 93 Models, Put-Dow-In, Call spread, etc…)
- Optimization of the current workflow to update the Price of the option, including the Solvency II Directive (Import market data Super Derivative, Bloomberg, compute option’s price (Zero Coupon, Stripped bond)
- Log the prices to MongoDB




Guru99 - Shanghai

Fév 2018 - Juin 2018

I worked as a Machine learning tutorial’s writer. More specifically, tutorials on:

- Introduction to R for data analysis
- Machine learning with TensorFlow




CEPII (Centre d'etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales)
Research Intern

Research project on Chinese VAT rebates and firms export performance (Director: S. Poncet) I

Prepared data on export-quantity database HS-8 product level: intensive and extensive margin

Evaluated the effect of VAT rebate on the probability to export with a conditional logit model
Collected and organized economic data for reports, meetings and policies reference




2018     Paris 1-Fudan University - Ph.D. international trade and statistics

2014     Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - Master Recherche en économie internationale



Français : Bilingue ou langue maternelle

Anglais : Courant

Chinois : Bon niveau