Data Analyst/Data Scientist
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Data Analyst/Data Scientist

32 ans —  Courdimanche , Val-d'Oise
(Mobile en france)
Hadoop SQL Python RapidMiner Data Manipulation
Data Visualization Text mining Cleaning Data Spam detection pandas(Python) ggplot2
Data Scientist Engineer Sales

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Profile and Technical Skills

  • Ability to utilize analytical applications and models to identify trends & patterns between different bits of data, draw appropriate conclusions and translate analytical findings into plans that drive value
  • Executed various projects like Data Manipulation, Cleaning Data, Text mining, Spam detectionusing tools like pandas(Python) and dpylr(R) and Data Visualization using ggplot2 and Tableau. Hands on Experience in Google Analytics and Excel (Pivot tables)  
  • Ability to code and find patterns to predict using Machine-learning models like classification,regression, clustering and also Deep learning.
  • Statistical Methods: Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, regression models, time series, PCA (principal component analysis), stochastic differential equations (SDEs) and dimensionality reduction  
  • Software and Programming Languages: R (dplyr,ggplot2,rpart etc..),Python (scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, pandas), SQL, Hadoop (MapReduce), Rapidminer, Microsoft Excel,Tableau


id : #7851

32 ans



Data Analyst/Data Scientist

Data Analyst/Data Scientist



2017 : Data Scientist

Dernière expérience


Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd
Engineer (Sales)

Consulted with clients to identify needs and drove sales by presenting various business solutions. Managed
special projects for Power Electronics and UPS, which included collaborating with stakeholders and
managing cross-functional team members to identify business needs and potential challenges, define a
solution, evaluate technical aspects, and gather critical data. Performed sales and created financial bridge
between channel, customer, and company with data check and analysis. Enhanced sales for the Chennai
location by 19% growth in 2014 compared to previous year. Conferred with 3 Years of Service Excellence
Award for the performance.




2016     Neoma Business School - Paris, France - Master in Business Administration(MBA)

2012     SJCE - Mysore, India - B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)



English : Bilingue ou langue maternelle

Français : Moyen