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Ivo Mladen : Oracle PL/SQL Forms/Reports
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Oracle PL/SQL Forms/Reports

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1 ans —  Paris
(Mobile en france)

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1 ans


Oracle PL/SQL Forms/Reports

Ivo Mladen

Expériences professionnelles



Building Oracle Forms/Reports 10g programs used for various insurance applications.
Writing PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages, triggers and database objects creation.
Assisting end users with regard various requirements and developing, optimizing SQL code. 



Oracle Analyst

Worked for various clients like Pfizer, Baxter, Forest primarily in the pharmaceutical field as most projects involved the creation of database structures for many clinical studies.
Lots of tuning, development, support and maintenance of Oracle Clinical applications.
Creating SQL code used for creating reports and tuning existing SQL scripts for faster execution.
Developing PL/SQL functions, procedures and packages used in Visual Basic/Dot Net applications. 



Oracle DB Support Administrator

Performing backup/recovery, managing users and security, monitoring/managing storage.
Monitoring database performance, databases tuning and RMAN recovery operations.
Performing Oracle DBA operations under Unix/Windows required for minimal downtime. 



Oracle Developer

Building Oracle Forms/Reports 10g applications needed for various modules for insurance applications.
Writing PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages, triggers and developing various database objects.
Participating in migration from 9i to 10g Forms/Reports builder and writing technical documentation.
Performing Oracle DBA tasks using OEM and liaising with end users regarding database requirements. 



Sofia, Bulgaria Allianz
Oracle Developer

Developing Oracle Forms 6i and Reports 6i applications used for life insurance products.
Maintaining, enhancing, testing, fixing existing programs, creating program units, PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages, triggers and database objects in Toad.
Liaising with end users, gathering data, preparing technical documentation, testing applications. 



Oracle Developer

Developing Oracle Forms/Reports used in variety of projects regarding business requirements.
Modifying, enhancing and maintaining existing projects and databases Tools used such as Oracle Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5, Graphics and SQL/Plus.
Creating, functions, procedures, cursors, database triggers using SQL and PL/SQL. 



     Sofia, Bulgaria - Pearson Vue - Authorized Oracle Vendor; Oracle Database 10g: Administration 1&2

     Compuskills Information Technology Institution Ottawa, ON - Oracle Developer/Visual Basic Developer

     Montreal, QC - ICS; Learning Systems; Visual Basic, Access database and C programming

     Toronto School of Business Ottawa - Computerized Accounting & Business Administration



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