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Rachele Cordier : Chief Project Manager
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Chief Project Manager

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47 ans —  Lille , Nord

Note Globale    

Expertise en management de projets et de programmes (SaaS/PaaS/BPO/Facturation et Paiement/Big Data/ERP/CRM/Banque/Assurance...)

Direction d'équipes nationales et internationnales (Expérience offshore)

Background technique





47 ans


Chief Project Manager

Rachele Cordier

Expériences professionnelles


Debast Consulting - International

Expertise in Project Management, Project Recovery, Product Management, Programme Management and Customer Delivery. 



Debast Consulting - Lille
Programme Director

Mission :
Responsible to scale a BIG DATA roadmap (Technical upgrades, Data Analytics tools, Data Governance, Data Modelisation, Data Architectural options, Reporting tool) with a team of Functional and Technical Project Managers (x5) covering 4 countries) for a leading consumer bank company.



Debast Consulting - Paris, Tunisia, USA
Project Director and Temp Associate Vice President - EMEA Customer Success

Mission: Responsible to drive the Customer Success Team (Business Analysts, Project Managers, Development and Quality Assurance teams, Release Management) to deliver the first EMEA client into production for a leading insurance software company (Standard licensing as well as SaaS usage or BPO services).  



Private - International
International Product & Program Management Director

Responsible to start, drive and deliver an online accounting solution on the cloud, across multiple geographies, on time and within budget.
Main Successes:
 Product and Project Management processes put into place in order to be able to have an “off the shelf” product (Logistics, Human Resources, Product Definition, Product Marketing, Product Management, R&D, Billing, Live Services, Quality Assurance, Maintenance.. )
 Roadmap strategy and execution across all geographies
 Creation of an INTL Product Management Team across 9 countries to drive the deliveries of the product
 Successful launch of 7 different geographies
 Support to Operations worldwide
 Support to Marketing, Sales and Channels in order to help drive revenue
 Creation of INTL Product Management Committee
 Active mentoring of Product and Project Managers
 Active player in external conferences on Product / Project / Program Management Expertise 



Private - Paris
Product and Release Management Director

To assure that the product reflects the need of the market worldwide. In charge of the Product Requirements and Feature. Mentoring the Product Management Team and the Release Management Team; Sharing of Project Management practices such as capacity, scope, risk and issue management, change management, dependency management, integration management and so forth; Work closely with the development team, the QA Team and the Support team in order to improve and help the way Release Management is done within the Product Group. 9 Direct reports in PdM + 2 in RM and Documentation.
Main Successes:
 Roadmap strategy and execution.
 Creation of a Excellence within the PdM team in order to support “non-standardized” technical profiles such as FLEX, PL1, CShELL and so forth in order to become more effective in the deliveries of the product
 Launch of a new product through an acquisition
 Launch of a quarterly Training Program
 Launch of an e-Library
 Support to Operations and to the Business Development Teams worldwide. 



Business Objects - London and Paris
Chief Project Manager / R&D Manager

Responsible for the full delivery of all projects driven in EDC (European Development Center) of all BI Platforms (new releases as well as maintenance – Fix packs and service packs); Creation of an Engineering Project Management Team to support all EDC Engineering Deliverables; Develop Project Management Excellence within the engineering teams and the Product Group in order to become more effective in the deliveries of products – sharing of Project Management practices such as capacity, scope, risk and issue management, change management, dependency management, integration management and so forth; Work closely and develop some new practices within PMO in order to improve the way projects are managed within the Product Group.
Main Successes:
 Building a very successful and focused Engineering Project Management Team with 18 project managers.
 Use of Project Management Methodologies (FDD, Agile, Prince 2), processes and templates into place
 Drive and deliver 1 major release; 1 minor release - 4 Service Packs – 14 Fix Packs
 Part of a project called Early Defect Avoidance: Mission: Increase the code quality in order to decrease stabilization phase in both costs and time.

Development Manager, London, UK
Direct management of the Early Stage Development Team (7 direct reports in UK) and direct management of the Stabilization and Testing team in India (team of 10). Mission was to transition R&D Projects from Vancouver, develop the core of the product and relay the code to India for Stabilization and Release Management.
Main Successes:
 Released IQv1 ahead of schedule
 Successfully transitioned R&D projects from Canada to the UK and from the UK to India.
 Award for the most Passionate Person in the Product Group.
 Nominee at the World Wide BO conference for best x-site Integrator 



Quadriga - Europe, based in London
Head of Product, Program and Project Management for Europe

Responsible for the completion and delivery, on time and on budget, of the digital entertainment system solution for the hospitality industry (VOD / AOD / HSIA / IOTV) for Europe (6 defined languages). Management of a team of 9 direct reports. Overall key responsibilities: Strategic & tactical thinking for product segmentation and development; Business cases and financial models; Product pricing; Review of competitive activity; Development of BoMs; Product feature recommendations; GUI management; Product roadmap and product marketing; Localization management; Product maintenance and patch releases; Programme Management and progress reporting of 21 workstreams (including development, testing, operations, procurement, customer relations, sales, marketing, finance, legal) for product readiness. Other tasks include a deep involvement in customer relationship management throughout Europe and the launch of a professional services department.
Main Successes:
 Building a very successful and focused Product Department of 9 people.
 Change management and baseline procedures for the product and development departments.
 Successful delivery of a new release focused on the Nordic segmentation.
 Launch of a Professional Services department.
 Recommendation, Conception and Product Management for the next generation product line offered on Coaxial platform (currently 80% to completion).
 Salvation of major accounts through customer relationship management
 CEO Advisory Board Member 



Qpass - Europe based in London
European Product Marketing Manager

Main responsibilities included defining and implementing the product marketing strategy and executing plans to expand the European service offering. Main tasks included: Market segmentation analysis; Technical research analysis and documentation; Sales training; Co-ordination with the US development team to produce the product development plans for European releases. Also responsible for all technical queries and solutions for the sales and professional services department, providing technical drafts of the solutions proposed as well as enhancing the technical understanding of the sales force throughout Europe on the solutions and markets.
Main Successes:
 Launch of the first European Release
 Major Accounts wins (Le Monde, FT, Guardian to name a few – Portfolio available on request) 



Peoplesoft - Worldwide - London Based
WW Senior Project Manager

Responsible for the successful implementation of the solutions. Responsibilities included: Scoping, Planning and Project Management (on-time and on-budget delivery of full implementations); day-to-day running of the projects, including budget and team management (35+ Business and Technical Consultants). Main solutions implemented: Help Desk, Customer Care, Sales, Marketing, HR, Billing, Networking, Financials.
Main Success:
 Consultancy Portfolio available on request. 



Datawatch International - Europe based in London
Consultant + Beta Manager + Support Manager

European Beta Manager:
Worked directly with the Development Head based in the US to coordinate product specifications and development for Europe. This included strategic and tactical thinking; Localization management; Product segmentation; Product pricing; Product feature recommendation; Product roadmap; Sales support; Programme Management (Testing, operations, professional services, sales and marketing.
International Project Manager and Technical Implementation Consultant:
Project Manager and Technical Implementation Consultant for Help Desk and Customer Service solutions. Task included business analysis; Project scoping and full implementation throughout Europe, the United States and Canada.

European Support Manager:
Management of the European Customer Services for France, Spain, the Benelux and UK. (12 direct reports). 



1995     University - BA(Hons),



English : Bilingue ou langue natale

Spanish : Capacité professionnelle complète

French : Bilingue ou langue natale